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House Tour

Each year, The Villagers present to the Miami community a tour of exceptional homes that are of outstanding architectural or historic value. The first week in December is a special time when these homes are opened by their owners for viewing by the guests of The Villagers. The house tour has a well-established history of only providing the most extraordinary homes of carefully selected neighborhoods. View Event Details.

Garden Tour

Spring brings a tour of some of Miami’s most beautiful gardens. Many of these gardens are the creation of some of our most famous landscape architects. All reflect the loving care of their owners and spotlight the beauty of foliage and flowers of our special climate. View Event Details.

The Hunt

Once a year The Villagers and their guests gather to compete in a hunt for known historic sites. Our clue makers provide devious and challenging clues that only those most determined and somewhat knowledgeable can decipher. The race is on, and the team with the most cunning (and luck) visits each site to come in first and win the prize. Win or lose, we all celebrate with a party and auction at the end of the hunt. View Event Details.

The Quilt

Every year a group of talented Villagers gather together to design and create a beautiful hand-crafted quilt. The quilt is new and different every year and is designed with a theme depicting a historical event or place. A raffle is held each year to award the quilt and to raise funds for historic preservation and scholarships. Raffle tickets for the quilt are available at the House Tour and the Garden Tour. View Event Details.

50 Year Anniversary Party

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary! View Event Details.

“The Gardens of Miami” Book

We are in the production stage of "The Gardens of Miami", a book that will showcase the diverse foliage of Miami-Dade Country. Miami has a very specific microclimate because of Biscayne Bay. We are looking for gardens that have an interesting story to tell. It doesn’t matter if they are grandiose or funky, lavish or simple, modern or traditional. We want anything and everything. The gardens will be located throughout the county. The book will feature about 30 gardens. Each will be professionally photographed. In the back of the book will be information on Miami plant societies and associations as well as public gardens. Read more >>