Garden Tour



Saturday, March 4, 2023

to feature gardens in Pinecrest



An exceptional educational and recreational experience!

In March, 2022, The Villagers successfully completed our first live fundraiser in two years!  Thank you to all who purchased tickets to support The Villagers’ historic preservation efforts.

A special thanks to the two locations that allowed us to use their venues for our tour, making this all possible:  Patch of Heaven Sanctuary and Plant Creations.

Patch of Heaven Sanctuary is a 20-acre nature preserve that recently expanded.  This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to conservation, reforestation, and education. Members of The Villagers were on hand throughout Patch of Heaven, providing insider details about the flora, fauna, and history of the area.

“Past visitors to Patch of Heaven were pleasantly surprised by the recent expansion of the site as well as significant landscape enhancements.”

Plant Creations is a nursery that is not open to the public. Visitors had the opportunity to purchase unique plants.  Plant Creation presented each tour-goer with a small plant to take home.

Tour-goers received a map to guide them as well as detailed information about landscaping highlights. Keeping with The Villager tradition, tour-goers also received The Villager Garden Tour 2022 brochure (“Redland Retreat”) which includes many pictures of various plants as well as locations within the venues.

Back by popular demand was The Villagers’ “Attic Treasures”. This vintage shop has always been a favorite destination to shoppers with a discerning eye! There were also a variety of vendors with many unique garden-related items for sale.

Keeping with a Villager tradition, a richly detailed and colorful handmade quilt “Pandemic Pandemonium in the Garden” was won by a tour-goer. It was designed as a tribute to the past 28 Villager Garden Tours and a refocus of our outdoor surroundings during the past two years.

The 2022 Quilt

To the left is the 2021-2022 quilt, “Pandemic Pandemonium in the Garden“, a tribute to our Garden Tours. Pictured with the quilt is Cindy Brown, this year’s winner. During the pandemic many of us turned to our gardens as we took more time to enjoy the outdoors. Quilt committee chairperson, Louise Petrine, noted “spending more time in my garden I fertilized more and as a result, a lot more flowers, everywhere! Thus, the title of the quilt. Our gardens give us solace, inspiration and joy in being outdoors.”

Members who participated in creation of the quilt were Joan Bounds, Jeannie Bunten, Barbara Burdette, Cathy Prentice, Susan Schmitt, Cookie Thelen, and Lilian Walby. Martha Stockhausen made a beautiful label.

All proceeds go toward the preservation and protection of historic sites.

2022 Villagers Garden Tour – you may click on an image to view larger