Haunted House Party

Haunted House Party
You are invited NOT to come!

We’re planning to put on a costume, and we hope you won’t be here to see it – Really! On this scariest day of the year, we invite you to please not attend our Haunted House Party. We really hope you will stay home, or maybe enjoy some time with friends elsewhere (you may wear a Halloween mask and keep your distance).

To stay home, no costume, no parking, no hair salon appointment
 click on the PUMPKIN to  donate $100

To not wear a costume to the Haunted House Party
click on  the CAT to donate $ 50

To not attend the Haunted House Party
 click  on the BAT to donate $ 25

or send your check to: The Villagers, P.O. Box 141843, Coral Gables. FL 33114-1843 
(please put "Haunted" in memo)

Of course, any  donation is appreciated.
Pumpkin Cat Bat