Formed in 1966 to save Coral Gables’ iconic Douglas Entrance from a fate as a grocery store and parking lot, The Villagers capitalized on their success to save other endangered Miami-area sites. In the early years, members did much of the work hands-on, physically helping with restoration projects such as Vizcaya.  Members also provided the expertise to identify locally significant historic properties and help many be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. The Villagers continue to evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing, changing community. To date, more than 150 local projects have been funded in support of more than 75  historic properties and organizations as well as scholarships for Florida architecture students studying historic preservation. Responding to the emergency needs of the community has also become a hallmark of The Villagers. After major hurricane destruction, budgeted emergency funds were immediately released to help secure and stabilize a number of sites.