Fundraisers and Events

The Villagers’ fund preservation efforts with a variety of events and projects including the popular House and Garden Tours, Historic Hunt, Miami-themed Quilt Raffle, Attic Treasures Boutique, special publications, and more.

The annual Villager House Tour for 2021 was unfortunately cancelled. 

We are all looking forward to the House Tour resuming in December 2022. 

The 2022 Garden Tour was held in March. 

Click here for a taste of the tour or take a look at a one of our past Garden Tours.

In person or virtual, the annual Historic Hunt is always crazy-fun and a highlight of the year for participants.


Every year a group of talented Villagers gather to design and create a beautiful hand-crafted quilt with a unique theme depicting an historical event or place. Tickets are sold to select the lucky winner. Enjoy a retrospective of some of the  quilts over the past years.

The Villagers have published four outstanding books showcasing the local history and culture in Miami-Dade. The most recent, Gardens of Miami, is still available for purchase.

Giving begins November 14th 2022. 

November 17th, 2022 is the main giving day.