The Villagers, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites


Historic preservation provides a sense of place. The character of a city, town or village is often defined by the style and look of the structures within it.  Historic places are worth saving because they link us with our past and help us understand who we are. They tell a community where it came from and what it achieved.  Preservationists save historic buildings because they make our communities more interesting and attractive.  Other buildings are worth saving because they have plenty of good use left in them. Adaptive reuse of an old building avoids the expense of demolition and saves materials and craftsmanship that may be impossible to replace.  The economic impact of historic preservation on a city or neighborhood is substantial. Preservation helps maintain property values and creates jobs. It can also bring tourist dollars to a community and tax dollars to local governments.  In 1966 a small group of citizens in Miami banded together to save the Douglas Entrance, an original George Merrick project in Coral Gables. The Villagers grew out of that citizen preservation awareness. Since then The Villagers have been “dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites” in the Greater Miami area.

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Arva Moore Parks


Words do not begin to describe our loss with the passing of Arva Moore Parks McCabe, Miami-Dade’s leading voice for preservation. She will be sorely missed by our community and personally missed by The Villagers’ members who advocated by her side for many years and counted her as a friend.


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Over the years The Villagers have worked diligently in their support of historic preservation. They have added many other projects in Miami-Dade County, Florida, to their list of successes.  The organization raises funds through house and garden tours with boutiques featuring homemade items such as an annual quilt, holiday ornaments, plants, and many other items. Other fundraisers include the Historic Hunt and auctions. The organization funds scholarships to students interested in an aspect of historic preservation. In addition, members act as advocates for the value of preservation that gives the community a sense of place.  By educating, advocating, fundraising, and documenting, The Villagers, Inc. continues to this day dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites in the Greater Miami area.

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