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I am so proud to be a Villager. Even though we are a small, all-volunteer organization we have made a big impact on Miami-Dade County! We all join for different reasons; some to make new friends; some are passionate about preserving historic places; some want to quilt or make angels; some love the House and Garden Tours and want to participate. Whatever your reason, there is a place for you with The Villagers.
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Interested in Becoming a Member of The Villagers?

Membership in the Villagers includes requirements for attendance at General Meetings, as well as participation in major fund-raising projects and committees. General Meetings are held monthly during the fiscal year, September through June (no meetings are held June through August). The major fund-raising projects are a House Tour in December and a Garden Tour in March.

Any individual who is interested in the Villagers is eligible for membership. 

In this difficult time, technological know-how is of paramount importance. If tech is in your skill set, you would be a great addition to our membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Villagers, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for an information packet.