Each year The Villagers award scholarships to students with a demonstrated interest in historic preservation, a noteworthy academic record and the potential to make a significant contribution to historic preservation in the future. The purpose of the scholarship program is to foster professional development in historic preservation in the State of Florida.

The Villagers 2019 Scholarship Recipients

The Villagers awarded $30,000 for scholarships to deserving students with interests in architectural historic preservation.  

A total of twelve students were selected from a field of applicants based on scholastic standing, recommendations, samples of  their work and statements of interest in preservation of past architecture.

Recipients from University of Miami were Seniors Amanda Arrizabalaga, Julia Murdock,  David Holmes and Shannar O’Connor.  Juniors included Maria Lira Adrian, Tiffini Banks, Clarissa Hellebrand.  All were in The School of Architecture.

Florida International University recipient was Mara Stegaru, a graduate student in Landscape Architecture.

University of Florida recipient was graduate student Trey Asner working in Historic Preservation under the School of Architecture.

A portion of scholarship funds are dedicated for deserving students graduating from DASH, Miami Dade County’s magnet school for architecture and design.  Winners are able to designate the scholarship award to the university of their choice.  Graduating seniors were Maria Kuraeva of Hollywood. Marisa Amador and Yan Sotolongo of Miami.

L-R: Villager Laura Yusko, David Holmes (UM), Mara Stegaru (FIU), Maria Lira Adrian (UM), Clarissa Hellebrand (UM), Amanda Arrizabalaga (UM), and Villager Cheryl Akerman