The Quilt

Every year a group of talented Villagers gather together to design and create a beautiful hand-crafted quilt. The quilt is new and different every year and is designed with a theme depicting an historical event or place. A raffle is held each year to award the quilt and to raise funds for historic preservation and scholarships. In 2022, raffle tickets for the quilt will be available prior to and at the Combined House and Garden Tour. Winners need not be present to win.

The 2022 Quilt

The image is a sneak peak of the 2022 Quilt currently in production.  Titled “Pandemic Pandemonium in the Garden“, it is a tribute to our Garden Tours.   During the pandemic many of us turned to our gardens as we took more time to enjoy the outdoors.  Quilt committee chair, Louise Petrine, noted “spending more time in my garden I fertilized more and as a result, a lot more flowers, everywhere!.  Thus, the title of the quilt.  Our gardens give us solace, inspiration and joy in being outdoors.”

Members who participated in creation of the quilt were Joan Bounds, Jeannie Bunten, Barbara Burdette, Cathy Prentice, Susan Schmitt, Cookie Thelan, and Lilian Walby.  Martha Stockhausen made a beautiful label.

Quilt Images – Click an image to view larger